Conference Schedule

mornings Session: 9am–1pm

Welcome, Framing and Introductions. Philip Barlow. 

Richard Bushman (20 min paper, followed by questions/discussion among participants, led by Jana Riess)

Samuel Brown (15 min followed by 30 min of questions/discussion, led Rosalynde Welch

10:45am: Break (15 min)

Jared Hickman (15 min followed by 30 min of questions/discussion,
led by Rosalynde

Terryl Givens (15 min followed by 30 min of questions/discussion,
led by Jana Riess

Questions from audience and wrap up by Philip Barlow (30 min)


Afternoon Session: 2:15pm–5:30pm

Afternoon sessions are round-table discussions among Richard Bushman, Terryl Givens, Jana Riess, Samuel Brown, Rosalynde Welch, Jared Hickman and Philip Barlow.

Outline of afternoon session by Philip Barlow (5 min)

First hour (Framing by Jana Riess).
Discussion topic: Strengths and weaknesses of traditional linguistic translation approaches; relative merits of prominent arguments for various forms of linguistic translation; ways and instances in which these models of linguistic translation become inadequate.

2:50–3: Break (10 min)

Second Hour: (Framing by Rosalynde Welch).
Is a new, emerging, coherent translation paradigm reflected in these papers and the morning’s deliberations? If so, can this paradigm and the more conventional paradigm co-exist? Do translations as we have them require both? To what extent can Joseph Smith be said to have a single mode of translation?

3:50–4pm: Break (10 min)

Third Hour (Framing by Bill Turnbull).
Is there some broad sense in which “translation” applies to the foundations and practices of Mormonism? Is there a sense in which Joseph Smith’s idea of translation is alive (standing as a model and an invitation to greater spiritual and moral imagination) in today’s Mormonism? What practical consequences are there to our day’s work?

Audience questions and wrap up by Philip Barlow.