The God Who Marvels | A Conversation with Steven Peck and Terryl Givens

Steve Peck is an award-winning author and scientist; one of brightest and most interesting Latter-day Saints you’ll ever meet.

For Peck, as for Givens, Mormons need not fear scientific discovery and inquiry because they can be a wonderful avenue for getting more acquainted with God. Givens and Peck are leading a summer seminar on the topic of science and faith at BYU’s Neal A. Maxwell Institute.

Steven Peck teaches biology and ecology at Brigham Young University by day, but finds time to write strangely wonderful novels and groundbreaking books and essays on theology and philosophy. He is surely one of the most gifted, insightful and creative LDS writers today. Here is a sampling of his work.



Gilda Trillim (Peck’s latest novel)

The Scholar of Moab (Peck’s award-winning novel from 2011) 

Evolving Faith: Wanderings of Mormon Biologist (a collection of Peck’s
essays, including the hilarious “Noah’s Lament.”)

Science the Key to Theology (a deep dive into LDS theology)