New Perspectives on Joseph Smith and Translation

Why New Perspective is Needed—Philip Barlow

The Translation Team—with highlights

History and Context—Richard Bushman

Seeing the Voice of God—
Samuel Brown & the Team

Translating Translation—
Jared Hickman & the Team

Translation in 19th Century—Terryl Givens & the Team

Critique of "Linguistic Translation”—
Jana Riess & the Team

The Emerging Model—
Rosalynde Welch & the Team

Why it Matters—
Bill Turnbull & the Team

“The conference was ambitious and difficult, but also historic…marking some kind of sea change in our views.” Richard Bushman
“I came away from the conference exclaiming that it was probably the single most important conference of any description that I had ever attended.”  Thomas Rogers, Professor Emeritus at BYU, playwright, and former head of BYU Honors Program.

A capacity crowd at Utah State University shared the historic opportunity of hearing six esteemed Mormon scholars explore the topic of Joseph Smith and “translation.” Richard Bushman, Terryl Givens, Samuel Brown and Jared Hickman were on stage together, led in conversation by Jana Riess and Rosalynde Welch in the six-session conference. Philip Barlow of USU Religious Studies Program hosted the conference and joined in the conversation. The result was an explosion in the understanding of “translation” as it relates to Joseph Smith’s prophetic project as Translator and Seer. 

Faith Matters Foundation filmed this one-day event and will be releasing video of each session here over the next ten days. We begin by sharing an introduction of the conference and its participants by Dr. Philip Barlow, plus the first session of the conference as presented by Richard Bushman, perhaps the most influential and important Mormon historian of our era. 

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